Plumbing Services in Las Vegas

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Bid Limit: $350,000

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Overwhelmed by plumbing issues? Call a professional.

We know water is a precious commodity in the desert. Plumbing problems can be stressful and consume a lot of your time and energy. We’ve been helping people just like you for over 30 years; we’re here for you.

Plumbing Services in Las Vegas

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Having problems with your home
plumbing systems? Not sure what’s
going on and need a professional to
take a look? Click to learn more
about what we can help you with.


We know you’re busy. Tackling plumbing
problems is just one more thing to worry
about. Let us take that stress of your
plate and minimize the disruption to your

Property Management Companies

If your tenants are having problems with their plumbing systems, we’re here to help solve the problem without breaking your bank. Doing a remodel of units? We’ll install, replace, or repair anything you need.

We’ve been there before.

We feel your plumbing problems as if they’re our own.

Countless times we’ve had to repair problems caused by sub-par handyman work.

Going with a professional first means you spend less money, and experience less disruption to your life.

We’ve had friends and family who have become stressed when confronted with plumbing problems at the end of a long day.

We get it — you just want to get back to normal.

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Call, text or email us for a quote from an honest professional
Call, text or email us for a free quote from an honest professional

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We'll create an estimate and complete the work requested
We'll create an estimate and complete the work requested

Get the job done!

Rest easy knowing the work is professionally done right the first time
Rest easy knowing the work is professionally done right the first time

30 years of experience

A common joke is that we’ve been in every house in town at least once. Join the tens of thousands of customers who chose a family owned and operated plumbing business.

  • We employ OSHA certified staff who are also certified in backflow prevention testing.
  • We have been involved in writing plumbing codes for Nevada.
  • We are proud Las Vegas natives, born and raised.
  • We also have certified welders to make sure we can meet your every plumbing need.

The Choice is Yours

Call Mach 1 Plumbing

  • Have a plumber that cares about your health
  • Get a plumber for life
  • Have peace of mind
  • Get back to normal
  • Have your plumbing fixed right the first time
  • Have a licensed, insured, competent plumber
  • Enjoy a 1 year warranty on all labor
  • Lower utility bills
  • Rest easy knowing the health and safety of your family is taken care of
  • Enjoy a comprehensive, full home plumbing inspection
  • Find a friendly plumber that cares about
    the community as much as you do
  • You won't be upsold

Call a handyman or another plumbing company

  • Be taken advantage of by untrustworthy and unlicensed people who don't know what they're doing
  • Put your family at risk of danger or potential death
  • Saving a buck could cost you dearly

Don't Let this happen to you!

The price you're quoted is the price you'll pay.

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We love our customers (and they love us too!)

Mach 1 Plumbing was responsive and did a great job repairing several items in our business. They communicated well, and provided us with a fair price. Thank you for your professional service!

Rhonda Okurowski

Don’t let your plumbing systems waste precious water.

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