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Is Your Water Heater Sending Out an Emergency Alert? 5 Urgent Signs You Need to Address


Is the hot water flowing faster than usual? Have you ever seen strange sounds coming from a well? This could be a sign that your water heater needs repair. Don’t wait until everything is ruined! Knowing the early warning signs can help you save big issues and unexpected expenses. Here are five signs to look for when considering water heater repair.

  1. Unusual sounds

If your water heater is making strange noises, such as humming or buzzing. It could be a sign of a problem that needs attention.

Causes of Sound

  • Sediment buildup
  • Overheating
  • Loose heating elements

Preventive measure

– Tanks should be cleaned annually to remove sediment.

– Regulate the temperature to avoid overheating.

– Schedule daily maintenance with Mach 1 Plumbing to prevent problems.

  1. The water temperature is inconsistent

Water temperature changes, especially when using hot water or other applications, can be irritating.

Below are the Possible reasons for inconsistency of water temperature

  • Thermostat problem
  • Sediment buildup
  • Heating element problems
  • The size of the water heater
  • Plumbing problems
  • Gas supply (for gas heating) 

Resolving problems

– Check the thermostat settings and adjust if necessary.

– Drain the tank to remove sediment.

– Inspect and replace damaged heating systems.

– If the current size is not enough consider upgrading to a larger water heater.

– Check the gas supply and correct any problems immediately.

– Consult Mach 1 plumbing for inspection and water heater repair.

  1. Discoloration of water

If you notice black or rusty water coming from your water heater, it’s feasible that it’s damaged. Rust or sediment within the water can cause discoloration, which could impact your health.

Solutions to Improve Water Quality

– Debris accumulation is removed by flushing the tank.

– If the anode rod is cracked, check and replace.

– Consider installing a water filtration system to improve water quality.

– Contact Mach 1 Plumbing to check the heater for rust or leaks.

  1. Leaks and water pooling

Early detection of leaks can prevent damage and costly repairs. It is important to repair the leak immediately to prevent water damage and maintain the water heater’s integrity.

Below are the most common causes of water heater failure

  • Fittings or connections loose
  • Corrosion or rust in the tank
  • Pressure relief valve issues
  • Condensation formation
  • Sediment buildup that increases the temperature
  • Internal tank damage

Immediate Steps to Take

– Switch off the electricity or gas supply to the water heater.

– Turn off the water supply to prevent leaks.

– Place the bucket underneath the leak to collect the water.

– Contact Mach 1 Plumbing for immediate inspection and water heater repair.

  1. Increased energy bills

High electricity bills are a signal that there’s trouble with the water heater. If you maintain your water heater successfully, you can save a lot of money for power bills. If there appears to be a power outage or malfunction, contact a water heater repair professional right away.

Understand energy loss

  • Check the thermostat for damage.
  • Check the water heater insulation.
  • Check the heating element operation.

Long-term savings tips

– Provide routine maintenance to maximize efficiency.

– Consider upgrading to a more energy efficient model.

– Heat water only when necessary using a timer

Final remarksMake sure your water heater is working correctly by doing routine cleaning and maintenance. Don’t look forward to your water heater problem getting worse when you have one. Call Mach 1 Plumbing now to schedule a repair. Entrust us to the water heater repair experts in your area. Our team will ensure your water heater operates properly and efficiently. Keep your home comfortable and efficient with reliable Mach 1 Plumbing water heater repair services. Trust our expertise to keep your water heater running smoothly.


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