Why a well-functioning garbage disposal?

If your kitchen sink is not equipped with a well-functioning garbage disposal, food particles collect and are trapped in your drain. This can lead to drain obstructions, bacterial build-up, toxic drain gas and a clogged sink. And, when you throw food matter in the trash can, it tends to spoil and smell, creating a health hazard and a nuisance to your family and/or business customers.

What’s included?

  • We’ll help you find the best garbage disposal for your needs (residential or commercial)
  • We’ll properly install and test the garbage disposal
  • We’ll give you a quick tutorial in how to use and maintain your new garbage disposal for best results and extended equipment life


  • Quickly and safely dispose of waste
  • No smelly garbage in the kitchen or outdoor garbage can
  • More healthy, pleasing environment for your family and business clients
  • Less chance of an unexpected breakdown and the accompanying expense and hassle

Repair or replace my garbage disposal now!

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