Why a Bathroom Remodel?

It’s the first place you see yourself in the mirror every morning. It’s the place where you prepare for your day. It’s one of the last rooms you visit at night before bed. Yes, your bathroom! If it’s a dreary, dark, small room with outdated sink, shower and toilet fixtures, how might that affect your sense of confidence and well being as you begin your day, or your peace and restfulness at the end of the day?

It’s amazing how an updated, spacious, bright and cheery bathroom can affect your mood, and your family relations in a positive way. And, if you’re operating a business such as a restaurant, your clients may be making judgements about the professional quality of your services based on their impression of the restroom!

A professional plumber vs. D.I.Y. bathroom remodeling can save you lots of time, overall expense and deliver a better result.

Mach1Plumbing has the experience to help you determine the look, feel and functionality you need in your newly remodeled bathroom, along with locating and correctly installing cool features you may not have imaged are available. In addition, you may even end up saving on utility bills!

If it’s been 5 years or more, a lot has changed since your bathroom was built or last remodeled. There are vastly more options. And your family or business needs may have also undergone change, causing a bathroom remodel to create an especially valuable result!

Note: We design ADA approved bathrooms for seniors and people with disabilities. New and existing homes are not necessarily designed to fit ADA standards.

What’s included?

  • We’ll expertly help you evaluate your needs and wants
  • We’ll create a plan that fits your house or business structure
  • We’ll help you select fixtures and colors that compliment one another and fit your style
  • You won’t waste money on purchasing fixtures that don’t work in your house
  • We’ll properly install the new fixtures for optimum performance and long life


  • The work will be done professionally, in a timely manner and your house will be safe from damage!
  • Your bathroom remodel will be done right.
  • Your expectations will be met.
  • You’ll enjoy your bathroom so much you may want to move in!
  • Family relations may even improve.
  • Your business reputation will experience a positive boost!

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